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On 18 February, JPI Oceans will host a special Facebook Live focusing on the ‘invisible’ threat of chemical contaminants for the future health of the ocean and the environment at large. While experts are increasingly concerned about the associated risks, they are often overshadowed by more visible and better recognised forms of marine pollution, such as microplastics. This event aims to countersteer.

The event will provide a first glimpse into a forthcoming policy paper developed by the JPI Oceans Knowledge Hub on the Integrated Assessment of New Pollutants. It includes recommendations to policymakers on how to include marine chemical status effectively into integrated assessments.

Practical details: 

The event will take place on 18 February 2021 at 17:30 CET, as a Facebook Live session on the JPI Oceans Facebook page. No event registration is needed. Questions to the guest speaker are welcome and encouraged for the live Q&A, and can be submitted during the event in written form.