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The event is organised in the framework of the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas (SEArica) Intergroup of the European Parliament, together with the the support of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions.

A competitive, resilient, and socially fair blue economy needs highly qualified and skilled professionals. Yet today, many blue economy sectors have difficulties finding the right people, which hampers their growth. Within the shift towards a sustainable blue economy approach lie great opportunities for maritime and island regions. To seize these opportunities and to make the sustainable transition as well as generational renewal a success, a revolution in blue skills is needed.

 EU maritime regions are supporting actions to solve this mismatch and:

•             reduce the skills gap between education offers and labour market needs;

•             improve communication and cooperation between education and industry;

•             improve the attractiveness and awareness of career opportunities in the blue economy;

•             improve the ocean literacy culture at the basis of it all.

 The SEArica Conference aims to bring together representatives from EU coastal regions, stakeholders from maritime territories, EU Commission officials, Members of the EU Parliament, and Youth Ocean Ambassadors to discuss about needed actions in terms of Blue Skills and the implementation of the many initiatives and proposals that are currently being put forward.

 Please find attached the draft Agenda.

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