• Location:   Cairo, Egypt

We regret to inform you that the Creative Economy Conference that was scheduled for 15 June 2022 in Cairo, Egypt, has been postponed.

We will update the date on our website when and/if a new date is confirmed.

Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience.


The Creative Economy Conference aims at recognizing and promoting the Creative Economy as a transformative vehicle for sustainable development. This Conference, co-organized by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Bidayat, and the Union for the Mediterranean, seeks to leverage the importance of Creative Economy by raising awareness about its potential and challenges, exchanging ideas and experiences, and inspiring synergies and collaborations. It shall also contribute to identifying critical success factors for the Creative Industries.

Similarly, the Conference shall examine how to leverage the Mediterranean region, as a natural hub for creativity and design, particularly rich in terms of heritage values and design-based industries, to become well positioned on the global value chain in an age of digital disruption, clustering, and supply chain reconfiguration. Bringing together eminent speakers from both shores of the Mediterranean to share their insights and usher pathways for leveraging the potential of cultural and creative industries in a win-win value proposition for all the stakeholders involved.

Participants to the Conference will include government officials, international and regional organisations, creative hubs and clusters, industry players, creative champions and young entrepreneurs in cultural and creative industries, young talents, young designers, Academia and Media in the field of Creative Economy, taste makers, etc. Priority is for people in the fields of Fashion, Furniture/Habitat, and Jewelry/Accessories

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