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The BLACK SEA CRUISE Project aims to analyse the state of play and environmental and socio-economic potential for novel small-scale cruising/yachting models, in order to support, through a final set of recommendations, the sustainable development of the activity in the Black Sea region. 

Through six local workshops in the target countries and other concrete activities, the Project will engage in structured dialogue with a target group of local and regional stakeholders (i.e. policy makers, universities and naval/maritime academies, associations of ports, business operators of cruise companies, ferries and yachts, tourism associations) to explore concrete business opportunities in the region and to identify funding avenues and support actions for promoting such models.

The first workshop carrying out by the Burgas Free University will provide an overview of the status of cruise in Bulgaria and potentials for small scale model. An open discussion with stakeholders will follow to identify challenges/opportunities and of course provide relevant recommendations for sustainable tourism. Please join us clicking here !