• Location:   Bucharest

On 3- 4 April 2023 the launch of the Danube lighthouse is taking place, which is part of the EU Mission Restore our Ocean and waters by 2030. 

This launch is a key activity under the EU Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030, which has as aim to protect and restore the marine and freshwaters ecosystems in a new approach based on innovation and engagement of all actors (authorities, industries, NGO, citizens). This will contribute to achieve good environmental status of Ocean and Waters and climate neutrality. You may find the draft Agenda below(link). 

The meeting in Bucharest organized together with European Commission and the Danube Lighthouse Coordination and Support Action project EcoDaLLi will be a great opportunity to deepen our discussions on strengthening cooperation regarding the protection and the conservation of the ecological diversity issues in the Danube River and the Black Sea marine region, in order to ensure the sustainable development in this particularly important area for us.

The launch of Danube Lighthouse will also provide the possibility for further sharing our views on increasing cooperation in the environmental protection and restauration topic, contributing to strengthen the mutual relationship and finding the answer for specific regional issues.

Please use the link below for registration: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=xZU-ZxPQA02e8zUosgMyy2u8Z5xHtY1IhuJR2qXHbcdURU41Nk9RUlZXMzhJV0M4UEJTVFlPWVExTS4u